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Blood Leak
Tests for the presence of blood in dialysate when a blood leak alarm has sounded.

  Blood Leak Test Strips  
Water System Testing
Measures low levels of total chlorine (i.e. total chloramines plus free chlorine) in feed water used to prepare dialysate.

  Total Chlorine DPD Test Kit  
Tests for low levels (5 ppm) of total hardness in feed water.

  Sensitive Low-Range Water Hardness Sensitive Low-Range Water Hardness
Residual Testing
Tests for residual chlorine in rinse water to 0.5 ppm (mg/l).

  Residual Chlorine  
Tests for residual levels of peroxide in rinse water.

  Residual Peroxide Residual Peroxide
For use in Quality Control procedures for chlorine reagent kits.

  Chlorine Control Tablets  
For use in Quality Control procedures with SteriChek Residual Peroxide Reagent Test Strips

  Peroxide Control Tablets  
Potency Testing
Tests for potency levels of peracetic acid measuring concentrations in excess of 500 ppm.

  Peracetic Acid  
Dialysate Quality
Tests for hydrogen ion concentration in bicarbonate buffer.

  Bicarb pH  

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